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Fantastic Fest 2017 Review: Super Dark Times

Sep 27, 2017

By Matt Kahkonen

Continuing the tradition of films like Stand By Me and Mean Creek, Super Dark Times is about a group of teenage boys who find themselves dealing with an accidental tragedy in some of the worst ways possible while still attempting to be normal high schoolers in the 1990s.

There are some really great things going on in this movie. As a 90s kid myself, I can confirm the authenticity of the dialogue. The conversations these kids had sounded just like my friends and I growing up. The little details that define the setting as the mid 90s are all perfect as well. The slightly too baggy jeans, Twisted Metal paused in the background, and the general decor of the houses were all fantastic.

There’s plenty of things this movie could have improved on as well however. The pacing is painfully slow, especially in the 2nd act, yet the time seems wasted as some pretty major character changes and motivations that happen in the 3rd act still seem to come out of left field. I’m also not satisfied with the actual ending of the movie. This is more a pet peeve than a real criticism, but the choice of character to focus on in the final scene of the movie just seems like an odd one. I’d love to know the rationale behind it.

Super Dark Times is a solid, but unremarkable coming of age movie that, as the title foreshadows, does get pretty fucking dark by the end. It does about as much right as it does wrong, but it’s still a movie I’d recommend as a rental or Netflix watch. 

Final Grade: 6/10